Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thrift store restores

I made this tied tutu last night for a late Birthday present.

Then this is made with some scrapbook paper that I got from a giveaway.
I spray painted an old plaque and glued the paper on and brushed the glue over the top to seal it. Kinda my version of MODGE PODGE.

I painted this old shelf and a plaque and made this set up.

We took our house off the market and wanted to just live here for now and hang up some pictures, here is another scrapbook project.

Silverware that I got FREE. It is Fiesta and I found it on clearance in Macy's and had a promo free gift card!

I am going to accent dining room and kitchen in red white and black.
I found these coffee pot salt and pepper shakers at the antique store. They had an ugly vintage Myrtle Beach sticker, I washed them up and LOVE
the new look!

Made tie backs out of red and whit scraps.

My new quilted kitchen rug!

Some fabric hoops.
I am using the middle fabric to make a table runner it is a linen and I am going to free motion quilt it to get more practice.

Cork paintings from thrift store!

I painted this red from a gold.
And hung it.

Here is my daughters new $8 desk. After trading in some outgrown furniture I paid $8 for this solid wood desk for my BIG girl!

It will be perfect for homescool and has lots of DRAWERS!

This is the pink color Genesis chose to paint her desk. Then the books and papers will be neat and organized!

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