Friday, May 29, 2009


Camping with the family!

It rained as soon as we set up our tent, and all night and the next day we had a break with just enough time to eat breakfast, then it started raining.

They had a cool petting zoo, and plyground and pool.

VERY muddy, but we were together!


We had a little friend over the other night and went to the Chidren's museum.
Crafts and bubbles outside...
Then on to the play area.

And the grocery store.


A couple of American Girls came along for the ride.

Then off to the play donut shop.


I LOVE this huge rocking chair.

Fabric for the quilt along

These are my fabrics for the quilt along and I am a little in question to the midddle fabrics...

I am using up stash fabric a mix of vintage and newer.

If anyone has an opinion about these fabrics please share. Do they coordinate?

Haircut and cupcake love

I chopped Genesis hair and I made her a face painting 
one night when we were bored to match her shirt!

Tea Party Birthday

We went to a great Birthday the other day. It was at a tea party house.

Look at all the dresses and shoes!
Then manners lessons!

Then beautified!
And accessorized!

Here is the lovely Birthday family.
 There were the two Birthday girls. Even the adults dressed up!

Here are some of the cuties!

Aint she sweet!?

Then the tea party.

A teapot cake...

These are coordinating outfits that I made the Birthday girls.

Finally Lost another tooth

This thing dangled for weeks...she wouldn't pull it, or let anyone else pull it. Everyday I would bribe her to let me wiggle it. 
One day I just wiggled it the right way and it just fell out!

Pampered Poochie

Yes I ate your USB cord...

But don't you think I am cute?

Yes I eat the cat's food...

Good thing I am cute!


We have been here three times this year. This was our Strawberry Jam day. I made up a bunch and shared some with some neighbors.
We ate the ones from our other two visits.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Join me in a quilt along.

This will be my first quilt a long and her giveaway is quite impressive!

Come join the FUN to win one of these...

Look at what I got the other day!

I won these goodies over here
I am snagging her pictures because the dog ate my USB cord...No really!

I have posted this tutorial by Paper and string before she has it for free here,
for these.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I won!

Look at the package that arrived to me from Girl land.

My new favorite Journal, and I am going strawberry picking today!

Cutest Key FOB and Book tags, for Genesis, a group of magnets! Goodies!!


Custom giveaway

Here is another GREAT giveaway! Go here to enter.

I love this tiered sundress and would choose it if I win!

Custom dress giveaway

I have always admired this ebay designer. 
Sheck out this custom made dress that they are giving away!

Enter to win here.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I love hand made...
But free is even better.
She has such a joy!

She had to get me in there too!

Grandma sent this pretty pink dress and one other.

I had to add these gorgeous fresh Mountain Laurels from my yard.

Hurry up MOM before she bites me.

This is how we kept Oreo entertained! The stick is 5 times bigger than her.

But oh she had fun!

Then slept!