Monday, September 22, 2008

want some freebies?

I have won a few things lately and want to return some blessing!

(I will be having a REAL giveaway soon.)

I have a Hannahs*hanger ribbon skirt we wore a few times.
It is valentine's themed with the heart ribbons. I paid $75 for this skirt.
I took a current picture to show where there is a very slight bit of fading on 2 pieces of ribbon. The skirt is an old navy size 4.
I also made the jumper top to match...Let me know if you want the top too!

Then I made this jumper set about a size 4/5.

It has jeans with an orange ruffle and a side accent of fox material and a jumper with vintage corduroy, with a cute fox print.

Here is Genesis wearing it 2 years ago. It is in excellent shape only worn a few times.

Leave a comment and I will give these away to two separate people. The contest will end Sept. 25 12 pm. Hope someone wants these goodies!!


  1. Beautiful creas!Great work!


  2. My niece is almost 3 and would soooo cute in these. Please sign me up. i would to win.

    angelleslament @

  3. Please sign me up!

    Your giveaway package from me will be in the mail tomorrow!

  4. I love the ribbon on the skirt, it's so cute! I'm sad I'm too late for the giveaway, but these are fantastic!