Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did you ever want a horse when you were a kid?

I remember sitting at the window one Christmas waiting for the truck to pull up with my horse...

Genesis has been on a "I want a horse of my own" kick lately.
I have to confess, I feel for her.

She has a plan though...(determined girl)

She will get a job on a farm with horse when she is a teenager and she will get her own horse!!

I LOVE her "I can do that" attitude!!!
She has confidence and faith!!

I hope she accomplishes all she sets out to do, and learn from what fails.

My next best thing to buying her a horse is a field trip to the stables!

Well what better to do on a rainy fall day...
Daddy was home and we had a field trip to the Science Museum!

I made this yummy that I found over at the Pioneer Woman. These are Simple Perfect Enchiladas.

1 comment:

  1. I think every girl dreams of a horse. If your daughter really wants, who knows, sometimes dreams come true :O)
    The Enchilada looks very tasty!!