Friday, August 22, 2008

Here we go...

Finally some pictures. Why is this always the hardest part?
These are some flannel pants for my friends 10 month old. I didn't make the jacket.
She has a top she will wear with it already.

I made two of these Lizzard flannel pants for my friends sons.
One pair is like this and the second pair has a dark blue cuff.

This is a birthday gift for my daughters friend tomorrow. I did the flannel pants and appliqued the top!

My friend invited me to Portrait innovations for photos. So I whipped up a new dress for Genesis. She didn't want to go with out a new dress. She picked the fabric!

It is made with McCall's 4504. I line the bodice.

I did a simple top square section and made a pony tail. Then braided the pony and put in a bow. She loved it!

This is a super twirly dress and very little girlish!

Here is the pattern up close!

Okay and this is an attempt to take a picture of myself modeling an apron that I made for my Mom. She is coming to visit me in two days. I used a combination of some fallish timeless treasures fabrics that I bought a few years ago.
This pattern had me challenged a few times. I think I will make some changes next time. I like the shape of it.

I am going to whip up some potholders out of some of the leftovers to match!!

Oh yeah. I have a coat cut out and made a pincushion and some other things not pictured yet!

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